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Anchin Block and Anchin Aronson Baker Tilly Virchow Krause BKD Bonadio Citrin Cooperman CliftonLarsonAllen Cohen & Co Dixon Hughes Goodman Eide Bailly Grassi & Co Hill Barth & King Kaufman Rossin KCoe Isom KLR Macias Gini & O’Connell Plante Moran Rea & Associates Rehmann Schenck Schneider Downs Skoda Minotti Vavrinek Trine Day Wipfli Wolf & Company PC View PDF
BDO* Beever & Struthers Begbies Brebners BSG Valentine Critchleys Crowe (UK) EQ Accountants EY* Forrester Boyd Grant Thornton Haines Watts* MHA MacIntyre Hudson* Moore Stephens* Moore Thompson PwC* RDP Newmans UHY Hacker Young*

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IPA Top 100 Firms
Anchin Block & Anchin Aronson Baker Tilly Virchow Krause Bennett Thrasher BKD Cherry Bekaert Citrin Cooperman CLA Cohen & Co Dixon Hughes Goodman Eide Bailly Grassi & Co Hill Barth & King Kahn Litwin Renza & Co Kaufman Rossin KCoe Isom Macias Gini & O’Connell Plante Moran Rea & Associates Rehmann Schenck SC Schneider Downs & Co Skoda Minotti The Bonadio Group Wipfli Wolf & Company PC View PDF
Anchin Block & Anchin Baker Tilly Virchow Krause BKD Citrin Cooperman CliftonLarsonAllen Dixon Hughes Goodman Eide Bailly Plante Moran Schenck SC Wipfli Visit website
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Bennett Thrasher KLR Schenck SC Skoda Minotti Visit website
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Case Studies

“I wish all software developers were as willing to hear the voice of their customers as Star.”

Another important part of the Star solution for BKD was to be able to control elements of the application through the use of SQL without the need to have custom code written.

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“Virtual Cabinet is a breath of fresh air.”

Hazlems Fenton's adoption of Star Computers’ first generation of Windows Practice Management software back in 1997 was an early step towards reducing reliance on paper documentation and its associated costs of printing and storage.

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“The Bonadio and Star implementation teams worked closely together to ensure that the move from the old system was as smooth as possible.”

The Bonadio Group is a paradigm for the way in which some of the more successful American accountancy firms have grown and diversified. Starting as a traditional CPA firm back in 1978, The Bonadio Group has evolved from a practice providing auditing and tax services to a multi-dimensional accounting, IT consulting, business advisory, and financial services organization serving the needs of commercial, small business, public, tax-exempt and individual clients.

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“I am confident the Star Practice Management system will continue to pay for itself many times over.”

Star Practice Management has a range of business intelligence and reporting tools designed to ensure immediate access to key information, and where possible, automation of pre-defined reports.

Back in 2001 PwC set about withdrawing from certain client work in a number of jurisdictions due to conflicts arising from Sarbanes-Oxley legislation and in Cyprus, Nicos Nicolaides and two fellow PwC partners seized on the unique opportunity this created.

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“The feeling is that no matter how much new business Rehmann takes on, or how many new firms become part of the expanding operation, the Star Practice Management system is pretty well future-proof.”

The evolution of Rehmann into one of the largest CPA, wealth management and corporate investigative services firms in the Midwest of America has been remarkable – and it shows little sign of slowing down. Back in 1941, it was a single Saginaw-based accounting practice. Through a series of strategic mergers and acquisitions, Rehmann now ranks as the 36th largest US accounting firms and has more than 600 professionals in 16 locations throughout Michigan, Florida and Ohio. Rehmann is also a member of Nexia International.

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“The transition from CPA/MIS to Star was painless from an end user’s perspective. Star is very intuitive and easy to use for people of all computer skill levels.”

Most Certified Public Accountants these days have expertise in information technology but few can match the breadth and depth of experience – and abilities – of Mize, Houser & Company. The firm became involved in IT back in the early 1960s, when it was handling accounting for a number of large clients who were very early adopters of technology. This was long before the personal computer was invented and at the time when the internet was little more than an academic exercise. By the mid- 1980s, alongside its flourishing CPA practice Mize, Houser had built a significant IT business, providing services to clients as well as writing its own software to help manage its operations.

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“I have every confidence in the world that even if we were to double in size tomorrow, Star Practice Management software would be able to support us.”

The founding partners of certified public accounting firm Virchow Krause would have great cause for congratulation if they were able to fast forward from 1931 to 2010. They would be gratified to see that the down-to-earth style and the collaborative, client-focused approach that built the firm are still evident today while Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP, as it is now known, has developed into a flourishing full-service accounting and advisory firm with a global reach.

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“The team felt that the Star solution fitted the way that RMT was working currently and would also be able to meet the demands of the practice as it grew.”

The operational flexibility of Star’s systems was illustrated by the variety of firms that were using the software, ranging from sole practitioners through those of a size similar to RMT, to the big regional and Top 4 firms.

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“Overall, the Star system has proven to be great value for money.”

We evaluated a number of alternatives before deciding in favour of the Star solution – and I am glad to say that since the system went live in 2005, our experience has shown that we made the right choice!

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