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Star leads the market with the most innovative, functionally rich and technically advanced Practice Management software for CPA firms available today.

Star’s solution uses a flexible modular approach, allowing our clients to focus on those modules that are most important to them. The core system offers a powerful state-of-the-art Time and Billing solution with a flexible structure that allows it to accommodate your needs and grow as they change. Similarly, the needs of any accounting firm in the areas of Budgeting (for jobs and for staff), Scheduling, Due dates/Workflow and CRM can all be shaped around the firm’s actual requirements, rather than the firm having to adapt to what the system can provide.  And all these modules are integrated over a single database solution.

In addition, we are fully accredited to supply and support Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, the successor to Microsoft Dynamics NAV, to deliver a back-office accounting solution closely integrated with the Practice Management software.

Star’s Practice Management software can integrate with specialist Document Management Systems and may also be linked with Microsoft CRM and/or SharePoint.

Technically advanced Practice Management software for CPA and Accounting firms
Practice Management software for Android Practice Management software for Windows Practice Management software for Apple

Managing Mobile

Star’s mobile applications are intended to keep the business process moving irrespective of where someone might be.

Time and expense entry were the first two of a planned suite of applications designed to make optimum use of the size of a mobile screen and exploit the technology found in those devices, such as cameras and voice recording.

The business rules defined in a firm’s setup of Star are passed through so mobile users can never be out of step with how a CPA firm expects time and expense entry to be performed.

These applications also have an ‘off-line’ mode so work can continue without a connection and data is automatically synchronized and validated when a connection is re-established.

They are also designed to exploit the different characteristics of iOS and Android devices.

Mobile bill review allows authorized users to study the PDF of a draft bill and the realization being achieved. They can then either approve the draft or hold it for later review and possible revision.

Managing Time & Billing

Time & Billing functionality forms the core of Star PM. Design principles have been focused on providing extensive and easy to use functionality that will address the requirements of the most demanding CPA firm.

Time & Expense Entry

Star PM Time & Expense entry is designed to ensure ease of use and its browser and mobile options offer real flexibility of deployment and will let you:

Time Tracking and Billing Software


Star PM Billing will let you:

Time Tracking and Billing Software

Managing Due Dates & Workflow

Due Dates enables you to monitor progress towards task completion, identify work that is falling behind so you can take appropriate action before it is too late.

Due Dates will let you:

  • Set up templates for the various types of work that you undertake, identifying key dates for responsible and assigned staff alike. Monitor progress and notify relevant staff of approaching or missed Due Dates, ensuring that critical activities are not overlooked.
  • Improve compliance and control by ensuring a systematic approach is followed and firm standards are adhered to.
  • Set up Due Dates at Client and/or Job level.
  • Use Due Dates for both client jobs and internal (non-chargeable) jobs.
  • Assign more than one Due Date process to a single job (e.g. separate tracking for husband and wife returns).
Workflow management systems
  • Notify staff of tasks they are responsible for and of forthcoming critical dates.
  • Reallocate work from one member of staff to another.
  • Automatically generate email notifications of required actions (e.g. approaching critical deadlines), greatly reducing administration and the risk of errors occurring.
  • Monitor turnaround times against standards, providing a clear view of efficiency and client service levels as well as the opportunity to enhance these.
  • Take advantage of Star PM's integrated reporting tools to utilize exception-reporting techniques, streamlining operations while optimising management visibility into and control over them.
  • Roll over Due Dates from one year to the next.
Workflow management system

Managing Budgeting & Resource

Budgeting can address both staff productivity budgets across a year and/or budgets on jobs for both clients and the firm’s own projects. Star PM provides a range of comprehensive functionality designed to provide full control and visibility of resource allowing you to manage effectively an accounting firm’s most valuable asset – people.

Top Business Accounting Software

Budgeting will let you:

Star Scheduling will let you:

Managing Opportunities

The Star CRM module is designed to assist CPA firms in managing
 client and contact relationships, exploiting new revenue opportunities and running effective marketing initiatives.

CRM Management Software

Star CRM will let you:

Managing Back Office

Star is fully accredited to supply and support Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, the successor to Microsoft Dynamics NAV, to provide a back-office accounting solution that delivers close integration with our Practice Management software for GL, AP and Fixed Assets.

General Ledger

Business Central General Ledger makes it so easy to set up a company and process your daily financial data. The fully flexible and efficient program allows for unlimited companies, unlimited analysis codes, multiple currencies, multiple languages and detailed audit trails.

Other excellent features including customizable account schedules, flexible accounting periods, and personalized role centers.

Business Central has full integration with Excel, Word, CRM and SharePoint.

Cash Management ensures receipts are typically uploaded daily from the AR ledger in Star. A firm’s defined set of business rules can be configured to transfer the level of detail required in the necessary structure to the General Ledger at month end by entity, service line, office, partner et al.

Accounts Payable

Firm paid invoices can be passed from Business Central into Star at client/job level as disbursements in WIP, whilst approved staff expenses can be passed from Star to Business Central for reimbursement through ACH or Checks.

The Accounts Payable Module has full integration to the General Ledger. Features include document approvals, deferral of costs at invoice level, multi-currency support, inter-company invoice posting, standard purchasing, and efficient vendor account management.

Fixed Assets

Business Central Fixed Assets will assist you in controlling and managing the entire life cycle of your fixed assets, by keeping track of acquisition, depreciation, disposal, write-down and reclassification.

Full integration with the general ledger, accounts payables and accounts receivables modules in Business Central

Flexible and customizable depreciation methods are also available as standard, such as Straight-Line, DB1, DB1, DB1/SL, DB2/SL2, User Defined and Manual

Wealth of standard reports to manage and control your fixed assets.

“Bringing Star Practice Management onboard brought a step-change improvement in how we ran the business and accrued revenue.” Allen Smith. Chief Information Officer. Baker Tilly

Managing BI and Reporting

Star PM provides a range of business intelligence and reporting tools designed to ensure that across your accounting practice your people have immediate access to key information and where possible, the ability to automate reporting.

These tools include:


The Star Practice Dashboard is a powerful yet easy to use web-based BI tool that is aimed at partners, managers and other ‘front office’ staff. Its key benefit is its ability to interrogate any information in the underlying database and present it in a way that is highly intuitive and helpful to the end user.

MS SQL Reporting Services (SSRS)

Star has made full use of the power what is now the industry standard for SQL reporting, and provides comprehensive library of standard reports, with up to five levels of sorting available. Any of these standard reports can be adapted to give firms a unique version that meets their specific needs.
BI and Reporting

Star TaskCenter

Star TaskCenter, powered by Codeless Platforms, is a powerful suite of Business Process Management (BPM) technologies, encompassing Workflow and Alerts, that enables firms to monitor pro-actively and report on key information. Whilst traditional reporting tools will typically provide historic information, Star TaskCenter is event-driven and can notify designated staff immediately exceptions occur, using email or even SMS.


The Star OLAP dataset extends our reporting capabilities beyond traditional standard reports to provide complex multi-dimensional reporting, using a variety of tools from Excel Pivot-tables to Microsoft Reporting Services. The OLAP cube containing Star PM related information enables users to generate both standard and ad-hoc queries, with full drill down to transactional data where appropriate. This powerful facility is especially useful for trend analysis and KPI variance analysis.
Reporting BI

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